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The Sunglasses

The Design

The design of the sunglasses is inspired by urban aesthetics and streetwear values. Being bold, authentic, freethinking and young at heart are things that we aspire to.

The first collection is a mix of round and square shapes as well as the traditional aviators. This in combination with a variety of different colours, we hope to bring something new to the market. We have chosen not to categorize the sunglasses into men and women, but rather as unisex. Although some may be seen as more feminine and masculine, it is up to you and only you to decide how you want to wear them. 


The Frames

Our sunglasses frames are made out of the highest quality material available- cellulose acetate. This is a hypoallergenic and renewable plastic that is made from mainly cotton. The acetate pieces are cut from larger blocks, formed with precision and then polished to the right finish. 

The advantages with cellulose acetate are that it is very strong, lightweight, durable and adjustable. Moreover, the colours are embedded in the material itself as opposed to frames that are made out of polycarbonate plastic, in which case the colours are sprayed on. The upside is that the acetate colours are more durable, rich and "real" whereas spray- on paint will wear and tear much faster. Add to this that the various colour combinations for acetate are near endless. 


The Lenses

The lenses are polarized, reflective and 100 percent protective against UV- rays. They are also covered by an anti- scratch coating to make them extra durable. As part of the values and DNA of the Provokko brand, the lenses come in a multitude of different colours.


The Price

Instead of pushing our sunglasses through the traditional distribution model, we will sell directly online and in selected retail stores. This way, we can offer great quality at an affordable price. This direct- to- consumer model is something that is becoming increasingly popular among brands and consumers and we thought that this rebellious way of doing business was exactly right for us. If our sunglasses would have been priced the "normal" way, they would have cost about 1400 SEK. Instead, we can offer them to you for a uniform price of 699 SEK. 


The First Collection


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