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Fitting Guide

There are several decisions involved when buying sunglasses. "Do they actually fit and look good on me?" is perhaps the most important one. It also makes it extra hard trying to figure out these things when you're trying and buying sunglasses online. We understand this and therefore want to make the process as smooth as possible for you through this fitting guide. 


Below you can see the different models and their measurements. The standard measurement is written as the length of the temples, the width of the lens and the distance of the bridge (shortest distance between the lenses). For instance, the Iconoclast model has the measurements; 56-18-140, which is 56 mm for the lens width, 18 mm for the bridge gap and 140 mm for the temples. If you want to see the measurements for each model, go ahead and visit The Sunglasses.

Rule of thumb: Your eyes should be placed just about at the centre of the lens vertically. You can measure the distance between your pupils to get a rough idea of where your eyes will be positioned.  


wayward sunglasses measurement eye positioning


iconoclast sunglasses measurement eye positioning



vaunt sunglasses measurement eye positioning
revamp sunglasses measurement eye positioning



Our sunglasses are designed to be unisex. With that being said, some designs can appear more feminine or masculine than others, both when it comes to the looks and measurements. Which one you decide should, therefore, depend on whether you like the style and if the measurements are right. 


The great thing about cellulose acetate, the material that our frames are made out of, is that it is adjustable, meaning if you think that the fit is too small or big around your head you can bend the temples for a better fit. When doing this, we recommend heating up the temples with a hair dryer in order to make them easier to bend and adjust (please note that you cannot return your sunglasses after doing this since they will no longer be in the original condition. See our terms and conditions for more info)


First, blow some heat on the temples until you notice they get more flexible.

warm up acetate temples with hairdryer


Then you may try to gently bend them as you see fit.

bend acetate temples



With the Iconoclast sunglasses, you don't need to warm up the temples since they are not covered by acetate. Instead, try to bend them carefully to adjust them as you see fit.




If you have more questions about the fit, sizing, our fitting guide or if there are any other uncertainties, please contact us at or reach out to us on social media.